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 ST2318 Mobile Phone
Chennai,, India
Age : 41
Height:5ft ( 152cm )
Religion: Hindu, Adi Dravida, sc
Star: Does not matter
Education : Bachelors in Arts, higer sec school study
Occupation : Not working, Not employed
I am single my parents are stay in trichy. but i have alone i am calm and friendly and adjustable
Last Login : 17-September-2013
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 ST2378 Mobile Phone
Chennai,Tamil Nadu, India
Age : 37
Height:5ft 3in ( 160cm )
Religion: Hindu, Naidu, bilaja naidu
Star: Anuradha/Anusham/Anizham
Education : High School, S.S.L.C
Occupation : Designer, Private
ihave desighner & photograpghy work good family joint family good familymothers &father sisters married
Last Login : 14-June-2014
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